Roscoe Mitchell, Vincent Davis, Harrison Bankhead.

24€ Double CD

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Roscoe Mitchell: soprano, alto, tenor & bariton saxophones, percussion
Harrison Bankhead:
double bass, cello
Vincent Davis: drum set, percussion

All compositions by Roscoe Mitchell

Higher and higher! Each time we think Roscoe Mitchell has reached the top, he comes back with another groundbreaking recording and this new opus is no exception to the rule. Thanks to three perfectly balanced and complementary musicians, Roscoe Mitchell finds all necessary space to spread his genius. Bringing all necessary understanding and vigour to his music, Harrison Bankhead on bass and Vincent Davis on drums take this recording to the top. Like he gets us used to, Roscoe Mitchell has improvisation and composition intimately cohabit with perfect control. They don't come up against each other but complement one another with spontaneity, sophistication, smoothness, conviction and flickness. « No Side Effects » is the best possible evidence Roscoe Mitchell still has a lot to say and will keep on surprising us

Recorded December 23rd & 24th 2005, January 10th & February 18th 2006 by Steve Gotcher & Buzz Kemper at Audio for the Arts (Madison, Wi, USA)
Mixing: Steve Gotcher & Buzz Kemper
Mastering: Steve Gotcher
Liner notes: Steve Dalachinsky
Photographs: Joseph Blough
Producer: Michel Dorbon

Track list
  1. Poem (6.23)
  2. Flash (5.24)
  3. From Red to Rusk (4.48)
  4. Broken Pictures (4.23)
  5. Shake-up (8.10)
    Listen an excerpt
  6. Trio Four (4.36)
  7. No Side Effects (3.12)
  8. Frame Three (6.30)
  9. Shag Bark Hickory (2.25)
  10. Let's See (3.57)
  11. Ruddy (4.20)
  12. Vermillon (4.12)
  13. When the Wind Blows (6.11)