Xu Fengxia, Miya Masaoka, Larry Ochs, Sylvain Kassap, Didier Petit.

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Didier Petit: cello, voice
Larry Ochs: tenor & sopranino saxophones
Miya Masaoka: koto
Xu Fengxia: guzheng, voice
Sylvain Kassap: clarinets

Xu Feng-Xia and Miya Masaoka know each other by reputation, and an invitation was sent to them to join their European and American partners, in France in April 2012, and in the United States in June 2013. Their pinched-string instruments, constantly adjusted and unadjusted to the sound of Didier Petit's sensitive or wild cello, launch generous summons of intoxication to Larry Ochs’ and Sylvain Kassap's wind and freed breath instruments! We can thus expect anything from this East-West Collective and its interactive / imaginative strategies devised by Didier Petit, from the guzheng and the koto under the fingers and fingernails of the two weaving sisters, of the chancellery of air by the labile clarinet, of the chancellery of water by Sylvain Kassap's bass clarinet, of the sopranino's flint, of the torch and resin from Larry Ochs' tenor.
Alexandre Pierrepont, excerpt from the liner notes

All compositions by Didier Petit and East-West Collective except By Any Other Name (For William Kentridge) by Larry Ochs

Recorded on June 20th 2013 by Eric Moffat (assistant engineer: Jose Alvarez) at Unsound Recording, San Francisco, California, USA.
Mixing, editing and mastering: Jean-Pierre Bouquet, L’Autre Studio, Vaires-sur-Marne
Liner notes: Alexandre Pierrepont
Photographs: Marek Lazarski (www.cooljazzphotos.com)
Cover design: Max Schoendorff
Cover realisation: David Bourguignon
Producer: Michel Dorbon

Special thanks: Patricia Nicholson Parker, Nader Beizaei, Lutz Wagner, Al Evers, Jay Liu, Sarah Cahill, Carlos Tortolero, Brent Miller, Yong Ping Tian, Lyn Hejinian, John Gilbreath, Josh Berman, Alain Drouot, Ken Pickering.

Track list
  1. Mountain (7:06)
    Listen an excerpt
  2. Wine (8:59)
  3. Humeur du Dessous (5:02)
  4. By Any Other Name (for William Kentridge) (15:06)
    Listen an excerpt
  5. Humeur de Terre (4:10)
  6. Road (7:16)
    Listen an excerpt
  7. Humeur de l'Esprit (5:51)