Nicole Mitchell.

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Nicole Mitchell: C flutes & alto flute

You can hear the wind in every breath used to make every sound on this amazing recording. The notion of the wind is also descriptive of the elusive and elemental beauty present in the evocative expression that is engraved in every sound on this recording. The titles of the pieces reflect Nicole Mitchell’s deep connection to nature, which inspires her and informs her artistry.
A performance of one’s solo music is particularly revealing. This recording is a distilled and rarified statement that further solidifies Nicole Mitchell’s position as a major voice in free music. Perhaps more importantly, she has made music that can be understood and enjoyed by anyone who is able to recognize beauty and fine musicianship. For those of us who know her work in groups, or are more akin to the particulars of free music, we can also enjoy her complete originality heard all by itself and her ability to make new music.
This recording is a virtuosic tour-de-force. The technical achievement of this music stands on its own and defines Nicole Mitchell as an innovator and expressive artist with a depth of mastery that surpasses even that which we already know about her. Joe Morris, excerpt from the liner notes

All compositions by Nicole Mitchell except Dadwee, Six Wings, Pratagraha: Virtue of Freedom from Attachment, Song of Suchness and Agoru III respectively by Aaya Samaa/Nicole Mitchell, James Newton, Renée Baker, Yung Wha Son and Alvin Singleton

Aaya Samaa/Nicole Mitchell, James Newton, Renée Baker and Yung Wha Son pieces have been composed especially for Nicole Mitchell and for this album.

Nicole Mitchell plays a Powell Conservatory flute that was made especially for her.

Recorded by Michael Mathews between October 20th to 24th 2012 at Xmpl Studio, UC Irvine, California, USA
Mixing & mastering: Griffin Rodriguez at Shape Shop II, Hollywood, California, USA
Liner notes: Joe Morris
Photograph: RogueArt
Cover design: Max Schoendorff
Cover realization: David Bourguignon, URDLA
Producer: Michel Dorbon

Track list
  1. Blue Montain (2:53)
  2. Dadwee (3:57)
  3. Forest Family (3:12)
    Listen an excerpt
  4. Cave of Forgoten Spring (2:48)
  5. Six Wings (4:59)
  6. Beehive (3:57)
  7. Making of Rose Quartz (5:09)
  8. Pratagraha: Virtue of Freedom from Attachment (6:17)
  9. Desert Choir (1:29)
  10. Boiling River (3:26)
  11. Song of Suchness (7:31)
  12. High Light ar the Waterfall (4:00)
  13. Glacier Wall (4:35)
  14. Agoru III (3:48)
  15. Engraved in the Wind (3:33)
    Listen an excerpt
  16. Fireflies and Mischief on Dada B's Porch (3:51)