Sabir Mateen.

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Sabir Mateen: alto clarinet, alto saxophone, small percussions, vocal 

The dramatic act of this performance draws a deambulatory line colouring each phase in the sound of the required instrument; large discursive logic intensity in the atmosphere appropriate to each segment. After his entry “City of Lyon” which sets the happening hic et nunc, the second piece “Art Dance” on alto clarinet is heard as a twirling questioning with changes of mood from anger to melancholy: bal(l)ade autumnal de Dakka Du Boo Yu”, again on the clarinet.

“Music is Sound, Sound is Music” thunders suddenly like an urgent manifesto poem. From now on, it’s the alto saxophone that will lead the evening serenade. Is it Lyon which assonance calls for the invocation of Jimmy Lyons? The chant becomes progressively more intimate, less “freenetic” and the evening comes to an end in a melodious serenity.
Poetic episode in the luxuriant existence of URDLA, this concert offered as a present to its adepts will remain thanks to RogueArt, a pearl in the treasury of progressive music.
Excerpt from the liner notes, written by Max Schoendorff

Recorded live on October 11th 2008 at URDLA (Vileurbanne, France) 
Mastering: Jean-Pierre Bouquet at L’autre Studio, Vaires-sur-Marne, France
Liner Notes: Max Schoendorff
Photographs: Jacqueline Salmon, Romain Buthigieg
Cover Design: Max Schoendorff
Cover Realisation: David Bourguignon, URDLA
Producer: Michel Dorbon

Track list
  1. The City of Lyon (2:42)
  2. Art Dance (9:38)
    Listen an excerpt
  3. Dakka Du Boo Yu! (7:43)
  4. Music is Sound and Sound is Music (1:27)
  5. Jimmy Lyons (4:31)
  6. Sekasso Blues (9:30)
  7. One for the Rev. - Rev. Frank Wright (9:24)
    Listen an excerpt
  8. More than a Hammer and Nail (3:46)
  9. Blessing to You (3:08)