Michel Edelin, Jean-Jacques Avenel, John Betsch, Steve Lehman.

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Michel Edelin : flute, alto flute, bass flute
Jean-Jacques Avenel : double bass
John Betsch : drums
Steve Lehman (special guest) : alto saxophone

Flutists' albums, in jazz, do not clutter up record stores. Michel Edelin is one of the (very) few jazz musicians, French on top of that, to have chosen the flute, in all its forms, as his exclusive instrument. For ages, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Eric Dophy, Jeremy Steig, James Newton, Dave Valentin and the likes have held a central position in his personal pantheon, he who was able to digest their teachings in order to feed his own syntax: a sound of a beautiful elegance, an angular phrasing where a propensity for melody and lyricism can be heard, a taste for certain instrumental audacities, the understanding of the collective...
...This album of a complete openness, breathing onto the melody,  is collectively constructed in real time around pretext-themes with great rigor and a radiant imagination.

Gérard Rouy, excerpt from the liner notes

Recorded on February 2008 at La Muse en Circuit (Alfortville, France) by Christophe Hauser
Mixing and mastering: Christophe Hauser
Liner notes: Gérard Rouy
Photographs: Jacques Bisceglia
Produceur: Michel Dorbon

With the kind support of La Muse en Circuit, Centre National de Création Musical

Track list
  1. Les Hirondelles (5.16)
  2. 2-3-4-5 (7.25)
  3. Ultravitre (7.30)
  4. Goût bulgare (6.09)
  5. Tout simplement (5.34)
    Listen an excerpt
  6. Daolo (4.35)
  7. Deca ut (4.28)
  8. Bag's mood (4.01)
  9. Lesson Choir (8.12)
  10. Ruby my Dear (2.17)