Hamid Drake, Craig Taborn, Joe Morris, William Parker, Jeff Parker, Joshua Abrams, Mike Ladd, Alexandre Pierrepont, Gymkhana, Stéphane Gombert, Alex Dézé, Warren Ellis, Marguerite Ladd, Rob Mazurek, John Moloney, Gene Moore, Thurston Moore, David Murray, Bill Nace, Evan Parker, Oscar Pierrepont, Matana Roberts.

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Mike Ladd
: voice, words & visions / sound constructor
Alexandre Pierrepont: voice, words & visions / sound designer
Gymkhana: sound manipulator
Stéphane Gombert: voice
William Parker: guimbri
Hamid Drake: frame drum

Joshua Abrams: mpc, harmonium, guimbri, percussion
Alex Dézé: erratic piano
Hamid Drake: drums
Warren Ellis: violin, loops
Marguerite Ladd: sampled composition
Rob Mazurek: cornet, effects
Roscoe Mitchell: alto saxophone
John Moloney: electronics, percussion
Gene Moore: electric guitar
Thurston Moore: electric guitar
Joe Morris: electric guitar
David Murray: tenor saxophone
Bill Nace: electric guitar
Evan Parker: soprano saxophone
Jeff Parker: electric guitar
William Parker: bass
Oscar Pierrepont: vocals
Matana Roberts: clarinet
Craig Taborn: mini-moog, Wurlitzer, bent circuit devices

On one level, both music and poetry are very much the same, that being sound - at least the spoken word would be.
Here in “Haunted House” is a sound design or shape being put forth with multiple meanings psychoacoustically, linguistically, musically that I can only say very little about in terms of meaning, since ultimately it's meaning will be with each individual who experiences this work.
This rhythmic engagement between these two art forms create a third reality of sound gestures and events that collide and integrate. Yet knowing these facts it still does not allow me to analyze or describe exactly what “Haunted House” is.
Hopefully this experience will be a catalyst at some level for good.
Henri Threadgill, excerpts from the liner notes

Recorded between June 2007 and July 2008 in New York, Chicago and Paris
Mixed in Paris by Gymkhana, Alexandre Pierrepont and Mike Ladd
Mastering: Jean-Pierre Bouquet
Liner Notes: Greg Tate and Henri Threadgill
Deawings: Emmanuel Fenet

Track list
  1. Hall ()
  2. Chamber 12 ()
  3. Chamber 3 ()
  4. Chamber 8 ()
  5. Chamber 73 ()
    Listen an excerpt
  6. Chamber 22 ()
  7. Antechamber ()
  8. Chamber 20 ()
  9. Chamber 72 ()
  10. Chamber 8 ()
  11. Chamber 2 ()
  12. Chamber 21 ()
  13. Corridor ()