Hamid Drake, Joe Morris, William Parker, Jeff Parker, Joshua Abrams, Dee Alexander.

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Hamid Drake: drum set, frame drum, tabla, bata, vocals
Dee Alexander:
Joe Morris: guitar, banjo
Jeff Parker: guitar
William Parker: double bass, guimbri, shenai, dosson ngoni
Josh Abrams: double bass, guimbri

...The music improvised by Drake, Abrams, Alexander, Morris, Parker and Parker is getting close. The music improvised by the second incarnation of Bindu is also a trance music: so is its rhythm of growth, the crossroad. The music can only grow, propagate waves, navigate through forms. Dance upon the laying body of cinder-covered structures. Everything is good to it, nothing dictates its behavior. The music improvises what it needs, summons the worlds it needs, within the flow of inter-play, Kâlî's way of playing. Our rebirth; our voodoo. Everything darkens; everything brightens. The music gives out names, one by one. Love. Life. Love. Her. Even Heaven. Around the names and the bodies dismembered by Kâlî, the alphabet is not only divided up into vowels and consonants, but in masculine and feminine letters, lit up. Agni's seventh tongue...Alexandre Pierrepont, excerpt from the liner notes

Recorded on July 12th and 13th 2007 by John McEntire at Soma studio (Chicago, Il, USA)
Mixing: John McEntire
Mastering: Jean-Pierre Bouquet
Liner notes: Alexandre Pierrepont
Producer: Michel Dorbon

Track list
  1. My Blissful Mother (16.10)
  2. Playful Dance at Soma (12.20)
  3. Visions of Ma (2.33)
  4. Supreme Lady Victorious in Battle (11.45)
  5. Only Longing of my Soul (6.52)
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  6. There is Nothing Left But You (14.07)
  7. The Beautiful Names (4.36)